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Christmas 2016


Christmas 2016

Holiday Greetings:

Twas many days before Christmas, and in the office they sat.

The  quiet was deafening, they were far past a chat.

Every year they discussed what treasures to share

A flashlight? A sewing kit? How “bout something to wear”?


The routine was repetitive and each year much the same

One loved an item while the other thought “LAME”.

The treasures they knew were always the start

Next up for discussion was the “note from the heart”.


“it’s your turn! I know it! I remember last year!

You tricked me somehow and I did volunteer!

So step up to the plate and don’t be an amateur.

The note IS important. It’s not just the calendar”


So together AGAIN they brainstormed, words that sound sincere

The time and effort spend, “cause they love this time of year.

The treasures, the note, the personal delivery,

A tradition that defines the long Thornton Group history.”


Our thanks and good will, extend to you and all yours

Hope the holiday’s are spend with those you adore.

Enjoy your Thornton treasures, the calendar AND RHYME

Hope the holiday is joyous with well deserved down time!


Best wishes

Greg & Colin

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