This March, the world renowned and official TED Conference is leaving its Long Beach, California location for a new home in Vancouver.


Some of the brightest and most inspirational icons, mavericks and geniuses will be coming to Vancouver to share their innovative and trend setting ideas. Speaker highlights for this year include Bill and Melinda Gates, Chris Hadfield, Sting, Zak Ebrahim, Rob Knight, Randall Monroe, Yoruba Richen, Wendy Chung and Chris Kluwe. See below for the full list of speakers.

Speakers will touch on topics ranging from technology, entertainment, design and education to climate change, architecture, music, physics, parenting, typography, and fireflies.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, The TED Conference will be held from March 17 to March 21, 2014 at the Vancouver Convention Centre’s West Building. The building’s West Ballroom, one of the largest and most stunning ballrooms in Canada, will be temporarily converted into a purpose-built theatre for TED.

The official event will be held in Vancouver for at least two years and is the first time the global TED event has held outside of California. Its companioning event TEDActive will also be relocating to Whistler and will be held simultaneously with the TED Conference.

Given that this is the organization’s new home, TED and its staff are now headquartered in both Vancouver and New York City.

1,200 tickets for the TED Conference were sold out last year following an detailed application phase. Successful applicants were able to purchase the tickets, sold at price categories of $7,500, $15,000 and $125,000.

For participants in the event, the TED Conference experience will include music, comedy, dance, short talks, special break out sessions, art exhibits, tech demos, immersive experiences and other surprises.

Those who would like to watch the speakers live via video streaming from their homes, offices and universities need to pay $600 to $2,500 depending on location. Following the event, videos of the famous 18-minute talks will be published on TED’s YouTube channel.

TED Conference Vancouver 2014 Speakers List

Session 1: Liftoff

Session 2: Retrospect

Session 3: Reshape

Session 4: Wish

Session 5: Us

Session 6: Wired

Session 7: Why?

Session 8: Hacked

Session 9: Emergent

Session 10: Passion

Session 11: Unstress

Session 12: Onward

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Squamish Valley Music Festival August 8.9.10 2014 Line up: 

Eminem • Bruno Mars • Arcade Fire • Arctic Monkeys • Broken Bells • Foster The People • The Roots • Lykke Li • Thievery Corporation • The Head And The Heart • Sam Roberts Band • Atmosphere • Serena Ryder • Tokyo Police Club • Boys Noize • Danny Brown • Gramatik • Walk Off The Earth • Mayer Hawthorn • Austra • Ryan Hemsworth • Lord Huron • Kevin Drew • Hollerado • Mounties • Whitehorse • The Zolas • Felix Cartel • Black Joe Lewis • Cyril Hahn • Herobust • We Are The City • Head Of The Herd • Topless • Good For Grapes • Aidan Knight • Rykka • Cityreal • The Courtneys • Louise Burns • Zerbin • Slam Dunk • The Oceanographers • Sleepy Tom

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January 23, 2014 by  Comments 0 Commentsselling a home


Selling a home can be difficult — you probably want to sell in a certain time frame and for the maximum price. For most of us, it represents one of the biggest financial transactions of our lifetimes, and it can help to have expert guide us through the process. A knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent can be a huge asset — and you want to do a thorough screening to get the best match for you.

You’ll want to ask about commission, of course, but it doesn’t stop there. Here are five questions that you should ask your potential real estate agent.

1. What’s Your Experience Like?

This is an important question because it will tell you how long the agent has been selling homes and what kinds of of properties they usually deal with (condos or single-family homes, or in-town or suburban). It’s important to find someone who not only has years of experience, but someone who is familiar with the neighborhoods you’re interested in andoften sells homes in your price range.

2. May I See Your References?

Just as when you’re hiring a new employee, it’s important to check up on your real estate agent’s references. You should call every one of them. Ask what it was like to work with this person on a day-to-day basis. Was the agent easy to reach? Would you hire him again? Did she follow up with you regularly? Most real estate agents will give out their best references so don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions in order to get the most honest responses.

Free Credit Check & MonitoringFree Credit Check & MonitoringGet your free Credit Report Card. See your credit score & how you compare to others. Plus, learn ways to improve your score. Always free & updated every 30 days.
Get Started. It's Free.

3. How Many Clients Do You Have?

Asking this question should give you a good idea of how much time your agent will have for you. You don’t want a real estate agent with too many clients nor do you want one with too few. The latter could be a bad sign since no one else seems willing to hire her. (On the other hand, seasonal fluctuations are normal.)

If you’re worried that your real estate agent might have too many clients or not enough time for you, ask if he works independently or with a team. A good agent will generally have a solid support staff to handle the routine tasks.

4. What Can You Tell Me About Growth Trends?

One of the biggest strengths real estate agents can bring to the table is their ability to analyze trends in the housing market. Anyone can go on Redfin or Zillow and look up homes for sale, but how do you know what is or isn’t a competitive price? Some ZIP codes might turn from a bustling metropolis to a forgotten foreclosure town in just a few years so it’s important to hire an agent who pays close attention to growth and price trends and can help you set an appropriate asking price.

5. What’s Your Success Rate?

The Internet has made it easy to look up your real estate agent’s sales records but don’t be afraid to ask. One thing you could ask for is the agent’s list-to-selling-price ratio. This ratio is found by comparing the list price to the selling price. But don’t get too caught up in this number, make sure to vet his or her other success metrics too.

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The redevelopment’s conceptual master plan was approved by Burnaby City Council in September 2013 and will transform the mall site into a dense, highly active and animated walkable urban neighbourhood and entertainment district.

This project is a major step towards the City’s long-term vision of creating a town centre around Brentwood Town Centre Station, very much like the development and mega-sized mall that has sprung around Metrotown Station. Burnaby has implemented transit-oriented policies, taking full advantage of the SkyTrain routes to cross the city – to ensure much of its population and job growth is sustainable.

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

While the municipality has approved the conceptual master plan for the redevelopment, a rezoning application is required for each part of the project.

The Brentwood project, by developer and mall owner Shape Properties, will be built in four phases over 20-years. It will bring 350 new shops and restaurants to the shopping centre’s site and will include ten towers including two office towers between 30 to 40 storeys tall and a 50,000 square-foot grocery store. The remaining towers will be residential with up to 4,200 units to house as many as 8,400 people.

Phase 1 of the ‘Amazing Brentwood’

The Amazing Brentwood, the first phase of the project, is 8-acres in size on a parking lot located next to the SkyTrain station on the corner of Willingdon Avenue and Lougheed Highway. It will establish a new 1 acre pubic plaza facing the SkyTrain station entrance on the corner of the intersection that could hold programmable activity and large-scale events.

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

It will be developed as an extensive outdoor pedestrian shopping area with high-end retail outlets that could include interactive public art, landscaped areas, street furniture, restaurants, bars, cafes and a major movie theatre.

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

The project will be seamlessly integrated with the SkyTrain entrance while a new ‘high street’ will run along the length of the entire 28-acre site between the first phase development and existing indoor shopping centre.

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

Two 60-storey towers, which could rival the height of some of downtown Vancouver’s tallest skyscrapers, will also flank this first phase. The lower seven storeys will be used for commercial purposes and the remaining 53-storeys for residential. Both towers will go to public hearing later this year.

The first phase is scheduled for a late-2017 completion and the existing indoor mall will remain open throughout its construction. Its project scope is significantly larger than the redevelopment planned for Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre.

However, the Amazing Brentwood is not the only major redevelopment project slated for Burnaby. Station Square adjacent to Metropolis at Metrotown shopping centre is now a large excavation site to construct new commercial spaces and five residential towers up to 57-storeys in height.

Another seven towers are proposed for an 8.9-acre parking lot site facing Kingsway at Metropolis at Metrotown. The $1-billion project will include a major retail expansion and outdoor public spaces such as plazas.

Just a few stops east on the SkyTrain Millennium Line, Shape Properties has also recently purchased the entire Lougheed Mall site (next to Lougheed Town Centre Station) and several other nearby properties with intentions to redevelop. The scope of the Lougheed Mall redevelopment will be similar to the company’s approved master plans for the Brentwood Mall site.

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

The Amazing Brentwood / Brentwood Mall / Brentwood Town Centre
Image: Shape Properties

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 is Vancity Buzz's Deputy Editor and covers stories pertaining to local architecture, urban issues, economic development, infrastructure, politics or anything that makes a difference in the lives of Vancouverites. Kenneth is also a Co-Founder of New Year's Eve Vancouver. Connect with him at kenneth[at]

Twitter: @kjmagine

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best poutine in Vancouver 2014

Are you drooling yet?
Image courtesy of James Cridland |

Trying poutine in Vancouver is like having croissants in France, sushi in Japan, and bagels in New York. It’s a must do if you’ve never tried it. It’s the quintessential dish of Canada, and while it may have originated in Quebec, Vancouverites sure do know how to pack a plate full of delicious, steaming hot fries smothered in gravy and squeaky cheese curds.

If you’re new to Canada, or just have never had a chance to try poutine, it’s time to take a trip to flavour-town and experience the taste sensation that some of the best poutine in Vancouver has to offer.


While many restaurants and bars feature poutine on their menu (even McDonald’s introduced it in the last few months), there’s something to be said for visiting a restaurant that specializes in the ultimate Canadian comfort food.

There are tons of different options around Vancouver (pastrami poutine, fried chicken poutine, hot dog poutine, etc…), but if you’re a poutine virgin, you’re best bet is to try some good ol’ fashioned fries, gravy and cheese curds.

For your first time, (of many to come–hopefully) there are a few great places to introduce yourself to Canada’s claim to fame. There have been some heated debates on who exactly offers the best poutine in Vancouver, but the answer is all subjective.

Here are 5 great places to start on your journey to finding your favourite poutine in Vancouver, because you’ve gotta give yourself some reason to go to the gym!

best poutine in Vancouver

Photo courtesy of jwalsh |

1. Fritz European Fry House

This tiny french-fry house on Davie street is a favourite for nighttime partiers who want something greasy to soak up the alcohol. Not only a late-night treat, Fritz European Fry House does fries amazingly well and also serves them with delicious European mayonnaise. Their poutine is drowning in delicious gravy and their cheese curds are squeaky and manage to stay in tact until you bite into them (this is a good thing). A small poutine costs $5.00 (or you could get a bucket for $11!)

2. La Belle Patate

What else could you expect from a restaurant aptly named “the beautiful potato”? There are around 30 different flavours of poutine ready to order, and there is usually a line up of drooling patrons at this Davie Street poutinery. Luckily for vegetarians, the gravy is meat-free at La Belle Patate, so you can avoid having to stare at your friends in envy. Squeaky cheese, delicious gravy, crispy fries. Not much more to ask for! You can even get an All you can eat poutine for just $19.50, think you can handle it?

3. Mean Poutine

Mean Poutine is a relatively new poutine place in Vancouver that is, quite literally, a hole in the wall. Found on Granville Street and again popular with late night partiers,Mean Poutine is a family-owned business that offers delicious assortments of poutine for around $7 a box. One of their more popular options include a fried chicken poutine, which mixes crispy chicken with their tasty fries, gravy and cheese curds. You’ll have a hard time trying to keep yourself from hitting up their window every night.

4. Belgian Fries

Nestled on the bustling street of Commercial Drive, Belgian Fries is a favourite among locals who love to stuff themselves with gravy-soaked fries. Often touted as offering the best poutine in Vancouver, Belgian Fries also offers huge portions of the stuff for decent prices.  The gravy is vegetarian-friendly again, but if you’re looking for more meat in your meal, you can pack the poutine with pastrami, chicken, pork, or other assorted toppings. A great place to people watch, coupled with some great poutine means that you should probably head there right now.

5. Wallflower

For all the vegans out there, the Wallflower Modern Diner on Main Street has answered your poutine prayers by offering the only (?) vegan poutine in Vancouver. Sure, it’s not quite like the real thing (they use daiya mozzarella cheese), but for vegans out there who are craving some gravy-soaked comfort food, the Wallflower is the answer. Tofu, veggie gravy, and delicious fries… the Wallflower is making poutine almost… healthy!?

Did we miss your favourite poutine place in Vancouver? Where do you think is the best place to try poutine for the first time? Let us know in the comment section below!

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A rezoning application has been submitted to preserve and restore the 84-year old Vancouver Hobbit house (or the house of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs) as part of a townhouse project.

Last spring, the 2,416 square foot storybook house was on the market for $2.86-million and there were immediate concerns by heritage and Tolkien fans that it would be demolished.

Fortunately, the house along with several adjacent properties were purchased by heritage-friendly developer David Mooney who wanted to retain the 1930-built house as a part of a townhouse development.

The development site and Hobbit house is located on the intersection of West King Edward Avenue and Ash Street, just 100 metres west of SkyTrain Canada Line’s King Edward Station. The project is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan which calls for greater density along the Canada Line route.

The application, known as 587-599 West King Edward, proposes 20 units of three-storey townhouses including five lane-facing lock-off units and 40 underground parking spaces.

In addition to the restoration of the Hobbit house, the developers will request Vancouver City Council to provide the property with a heritage designation that preserves the exterior of the house. They also plan to shift the house a few feet to make way for two lane-facing coach houses.

Vancouver Hobbit House
Image: W.T. Leung Architects

Vancouver Hobbit House
Image: W.T. Leung Architects

Vancouver Hobbit House
Image: W.T. Leung Architects

Vancouver Hobbit House
Image: W.T. Leung Architects

Featured Image: Google Streetview

About the author

 is Vancity Buzz's Deputy Editor and covers stories pertaining to local architecture, urban issues, economic development, infrastructure, politics or anything that makes a difference in the lives of Vancouverites. Kenneth is also a Co-Founder of New Year's Eve Vancouver. Connect with him at kenneth[at]

Twitter: @kjmagine

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For the past 49 years, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver has celebrated the distinguished achievement of its top-producing members on MLS whit the Medallion and President's Club Award. The 2013 Medallion Club qualifiers are selected from the top 10 percent of Greater Vancouver Realtors. 


The Board recognizes the accomplishments of top producers every year through the Medallion Club. These achievers are in the top 10 per cent and excel in combined MLS® listings, sales and dollar volume. Each year Medallion members are honoured for their efforts and accomplishments.

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Vancouver remains the strongest office market in North America, as demand for quality office space outpaces supply.

Today, in a joint news conference with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Credit Suisse – one of the top 10 largest private real estate investors in the world – confirmed its faith in Vancouver and British Columbia’s economy by announcing that it will break ground on a $200-million LEED Platinum office tower.

“Normally, we would invest in a fully-developed, leased property,” says Rainer Scherwey, Director at Credit Suisse Real Estate Asset Management. “This office tower represents the first time in North America that we are confident enough to build a major project from the ground up.”

The City of Vancouver recently granted a development permit for Credit Suisse’s 31-storey office tower, The Exchange, in the heart of the financial district.

“We are negotiating with a number of tenants at the moment and expect to make announcements soon,” says Mark Renzoni, President & CEO of CBRE, the leasing brokerage for the development.

Independent market analysts expect The Exchange will be substantially leased before completion. “As the global economy recovers, Vancouver is one of the strongest office markets in North America,” says Mark Chambers, Senior Vice President of Cushman & Wakefield. “The downtown Vancouver office market currently sits at near-record low vacancy rates, with mounting pressure on availability of quality space.”

Up until recently, the City of Vancouver was projecting a critical shortage of office space by 2031 if land- use policies remained the same. With a new Metro Core Jobs & Economic Land Use plan in place, there are now seven new office towers under construction in downtown, creating 2.18-million square feet of new office space. More than half of that space is already pre-leased.

In the last four years, the City of Vancouver has approved as much office space as in the entire preceding decade.


“We are excited that a global giant like Credit Suisse has chosen Vancouver for its first ground-up development in North America,” says Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Not only will The Exchange add critical new office and job space, but it will hit the highest green standards and deliver a major economic benefit to our city. The Exchange supports a number of our economic and greenest city policies and initiatives, and it is great to have Credit Suisse put down roots in Vancouver.”

The Exchange will be Canada’s second tallest office tower to achieve LEED Platinum, the highest sustainability rating from the Canada Green Building Council. Energy consumption will be half the load of traditional office buildings, with a 35 per cent reduction in energy costs and an 85 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions.

The Exchange Building

The Exchange’s Vancouver investor says Credit Suisse Real Estate Asset Management would only consider a ‘green’ project. “The Exchange speaks not only to Credit Suisse’s standard of excellence, but the global impact of Vancouver’s ’greenest city’ initiative,” says Franz Gehriger, CEO of SwissReal Group.

The Exchange

The development will include Canada’s first LEED Platinum heritage conversion, as the neighbouring Old Stock Exchange building (circa 1929) will be renovated and restored as part of The Exchange.

The Exchange Building

Renowned Swiss architect, Harry Gugger, is the design architect working in collaboration with lead consultant Iredale Group ofVancouver. He says, “The Old Stock Exchange is a refined and handsomely crafted building. The new tower will not look to compete with this prominent heritage building, but rather to successfully work with it to provide a composition that at once looks to Vancouver’s future without obscuring its past.”

During construction, The Exchange will create 400 jobs. Upon completion in 2016, there will be 1,700 permanent job spaces.

Credit Suisse’s global operations have been greenhouse gas-neutral since 2010. It is now applying this philosophy to its vast real estate portfolio.

The Old Stock Exchange

Renderings: Credit Suisse

Source: Credit Suisse | Featured Image: Mike Lloyd via Twitter

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TORONTO — At least two more big Canadian banks have joined Royal Bank in quietly reducing some of their mortgage rates.

Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank both lowered rates Tuesday although, like the Royal Bank, neither issued a news release announcing the changes.

Scotiabank lowered its five-year closed fixed term mortgage 10 basis points to 3.49 per cent on its website Tuesday, down from 3.59 per cent posted on the site Monday.

BMO lowered a number of its rates between 10 and 20 basis points, including its posted five-year fixed rate to 3.69 per cent from 3.89 per cent, according to

The change follow a move on the weekend by RBC to lower its rates on several fixed-rate mortgages by 10 basis points, bringing its five-year closed rate to 3.69 per cent.

RBC said in an email it was only matching lower rates offered by other financial institutions.

“Competitors have been pricing at lower rates for several weeks and this rate change now puts us in line,” the bank said.

Read more:


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As part of our technology strategy and remaining as your #1 choice in Real Estate, we have purchased our very own UAV Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).  This is not just an expensive toy, our drone has a 3,280 feet range a 2K resolution camcorder and requires a flight plan to be filed with transport Canada before use.


We will now be able to Market our listings better than ever, creating incredible videos that evoke an emotional response like the one you see below.  This is the newest and most sophisticated technology in real estate marketing today.




We do not believe in keeping with trends we are creating them.  'Modern Day Marketing Techniques with Old Fashion Service".  #DoesYourRealtorDrone ?


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